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Records without mapping – SqlResultSetMapping

If you just want to write a SELECT command without an entity, you can use NativeQuery. But this is not as easy as you think. Especially if it has not. Here is an example;

At first you have to make SqlResultSetMapping. With SqlResultSetMapping you have the possibility to save results in various Entities or results only scalar quantities, so no entity to work.

The following code must be added to any entity class ;

@Table(name = "rights")
@SqlResultSetMapping(name = "userRightResult",
  columns = { @ColumnResult(name = "name"),
              @ColumnResult(name = "userright")
public class Rights implements Serializable {


for other opportunities at SqlResultSetMapping, see


Once you have created SqlResultSetMapping, you can now write his native query;

List<Object[]> rights = entityManager.createNativeQuery(
    "select name, userright from rights" ,"userRightResult")
// so get results back as Object []
// and now you can output results
for(Object object : rights){
   Object[] obj = (Object[]) object;
   System.out.println((String)obj[0]); // name
   System.out.println((String)obj[1]); // userright
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    1. March 2013 at 21:46

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    21. March 2014 at 03:04

    Thank you!! You saved my day 🙂

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